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Every late February, the Nerd Nation team makes our annual trek over the Great Smoky Mountains and down into the Tennessee Valley to invade one of our absolute favorite conventions… the one and only Con Nooga.



Held annually at the Chattanooga Convention Center and Chattanooga Choo-Choo Hotel in Chattanooga, TN, this marked the tenth consecutive year of the three-day multi-fandom convention, and ninth consecutive year that Nerd Nation has been a part of it.


As we reported on back in June of 2016, former ‘Carolina Ghostbusters’ cosplay fan group leader Michael ‘Doc’ Robert Geressy has been convicted of child solicitation.

Michael Geressy Ghostbusters picture_1465927921135_4848341_ver1.0_640_360

Geressy and his ECTO-1 replica car (fair use/public domain)

Geressy, 37, of Gastonia, North Carolina, pleaded guilty to solicitation of a child by a computer Monday at the Lincoln County (NC) Courthouse. He will serve 75 days in prison followed by four months of electric monitoring. Geressy will then be required to register as a sex offender for 30 years.


Back in the day, there used to be such a thing as ‘convention season’– a specific block of time that the geek community set aside each year to attend as many of their favorite big-name shows as they could (with the exception of San Diego’s Comic Con, of course). Now convention season is a 12-month affair that offers hundreds of events across the United States- and the world- and doesn’t apologize for the over-abundance of actors from The Walking Dead and ridiculously over-priced autographs.


A subsection of the convention circuit, there are still a small amount of horror-themed shows that have a permanent place with fans. Though numbers have dwindled in recent years- be it because of the economy or lack of interest- many of these shows have continued to make their mark on annual calendars, and these shows are no stranger to competition.


When most people talk about Jekyll Island, there are a lot of things that come to mind. Beautiful, mostly empty beaches, protected wilderness covering the vast majority of the island, gorgeous historical landmarks, the famous Jekyll Island Club Hotel, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center,  and of course, a great place for a quiet, romantic getaway. However, what few people- and even fewer outside the realm of fandom – may think of is that every Decemeber, this breathtaking, remote island with a popultion of just under 1,000 plays host to a big, weekend-long multi-fandom convention. I am of course talking about Jekyll Comic Con, who just wrapped up its 2016 offering, and was kind enough to invite Nerd Nation down as guests!


(image courtesy of Jekyll Comic Con)

Located at the Jekyll Island Convention Center, in the small part of the island that’s actually inhabited/developed (most of the island is a combination of undeveloped, proteceted nature preserve and a few scattered historical landmarks) Jekyll Comic Con 2016 featured tons of vendors, gaming, panels, Q&As, and celebrity guests – including Mike Zapcic and Ming Chen (of AMC’s ‘Comic Book Men’), Veronica Taylor (the voice of Ash Ketchum in pretty much every ‘Pokemon’ thing ever), William Tokarsky (of Adult Swim’s ‘Too Many Cooks’ and ‘Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell’), voice actor Quinton Flynn (of Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Romper Room, and several others), Michael Koske, Greg Crews, and Michelle Helmeczy (of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’), and more comic book artists and writers than I would even attempt to name out, just to name a few, as well as cosplayers, fan groups, the 1950s Batmobile, and all the usual sights of any good con worth its salt.

Greeting Fellow Nerds! 
It’s slightly belated due to the holiday activities, but we did not forget about Big Fandom Greenville; which honestly was one of the best times at a con the Nation had this year.


(image courtesy of Big Fandom Greenville)

Big Fandom Greenville was held in (you guessed it) Greenville, SC from November 17-19 2016.  Taking up the vacant spot in town left by a previous event that left on pretty bad terms after alienating almost the entire local fandom community (and no, this event shall not be named as the organizers of said event tend to get a little ragey whenever they’re mentioned), BFG, as it has commonly been referred to by locals, kicked off it’s very first year at the Hilton Greenville. The first time in well over a decade that this town has seen a proper three-day fandom convention – as in not an expo – that’s held at an actual hotel.

So how did this brand new convention measure up? Read on to see for yourselves!!


Behind Comic Con Curtains, the upcoming convention/nerd culture documentary from North Carolina-based Saint Alt Productions in association with us here at Nerd Nation Entertainment launched its official indiegogo campaign today (which can be seen HERE).


(image courtesy of Saint Alt Productions)

According to the official imdb page, Behind Comic Con Curtains “follows various individuals – all notable in their own ways among the Eastern US convention circuit – including organizers, vendors, guests, party hosts, fan groups, and regular attendees in an attempt to understand the wildly popular, and often unusual world of comic book and science fiction fandom conventions.”

Independent filmmaker, and voice of the Joncast Podcast, Jonathan Weaver II will serve as director for the film, which will begin filming next month at ConCarolinas 2015. We at Nerd Nation are very proud to be working with Jonathan, and everyone else involved with this excellent idea, and we look forward to seeing some well-deserved light shed on the awesome world of comic/sci-fi/fandom conventions that we all love!