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Hello there my Nerd Nation Faithful!

It’s taken some time but once again i have found yet another sweet repository for badass toys. (I can say “badass” right? this is a cable show, isn’t it?). This time its a place called I’m sure the HK is for Hong Kong but what does it matter? I tell you this. When you come across what you think is a picture of an actor in their costume and it turns out to be an action figure- you get your butt on the internet and you tell your friends! Now I am also aware that the world moves faster than most of us can keep up with it… and to those of you who already know about Hot Toys I’m sorry for wasting your time, and oh, why didn’t you tell me about this?


Welcome to Collectables Spotlight, a new feature here at Nerd Nation where our very own James S. Nimmons, Esq. scours the internet in search of the coolest new toys, action figures, sculptures, and various other collectables on the market to share with you, the reader! In this first installment, James checks out a couple of interesting items from N.E.C.A – so without further ado… here’s James! GREETINGS FELLOW COLLECTORS!


Jason Voorhees (the 8-bit video game version) from N.E.C.A. Toys

I have been scouring the internet for pretties to bring you for my first article here at Nerd Nation. One day this past week, without even trying, I came upon these most awesome things when doing random Googles. These kick-ass sculpts come from N.E.C.A. (the National Entertainment Collectibles Association) and are cool on a couple of levels. First and foremost among the reasons you should have these is the 8-bit angle.These neatly sculpted figures are modern toys that are each dedicated to an old 8-bit N.E.S. game. You get a screenie from the game, and some other art like title screens and so forth from whichever old game character you choose. Just as one of many examples, take a look at Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees: As you can see, the sculpt itself is highly detailed, and the retro 8-bit feel is in full effect! Now take a look at their Batman!


1989 Batman (the 8-bit N.E.S. version) from N.E.C.A. Toys

Remember when you were a kid and didn’t understand celebs copyrighting their image and how that made toys ugly and not at all like the movies? This explains why the Rambo Dolls looked more like an Archie comic in the 80’s. But that sculpt of Batman looks JUST LIKE Michael Keaton (at least in my opinion) BUT it’s blue and purple (from the NES game palette)- so its like Faker-Keaton-Batman! And the three-tailed Burton bat on his chest? Right On! Someone get me one of these!  The other bit is that they are really detailed sculptures with moderate articulation.  (Psst Jason Glows in the dark!) I have been to the NECA website and (they have not asked for/bought this endorsement by the way -they’re THAT cool)- I have to say there is a lot of stuff there for video game and horror nerds. Check em out at: I will undoubtedly talk about more of their toys in the future. Thanks for reading, folks… and thanks for playing!!! -James S. Nimmons, Esq. Nerd Nation Magazine