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Gobble Gobble Gobble, my fellow nerds! 
Its that time of year to be pseudo-thankful for all that you have. I say “pseudo-thankful” because a majority of you seem to have lost a bit of grip on the difference between entertainment and your life.


From the militant basement-dwellers, to the recent surge of the fair weather fan crowd, it seems that the wall between artists and fans has faded to a chalk line that one continuously dares the other to cross.



Greetings Fellow Nerds!  Welcome to another extra-salty edition of The Negative Space!

A little birdie told me a few of you have missed me coming around and pooping all over your sunbathing in the worlds of fandom… I am touched.. No, really… I’m touching myself. Not like that, mind you, in a totally professional manner. Jeez, get your minds out of the gutter! This is a PG publication!


Anyway,  since no new movies have come out for me to bash just yet, lets just get into someone who gets on my nerves just as much as Tim Burton and J.J. Abrams…  someone who, let’s just say completes the unholy trifecta of world class overpaid crap directors, none other than Michael Bay!


Hey Paramount/CBS… you mad?! Apparently so.. Welcome, nerds and happy new year! The First Negative Space of 2016 is off and running with a current event that stands to paint a very bad smear across the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek.


(just a preview of what might have been with Star Trek: Axanar)

What is this smear, you may be asking?
Paramount/CBS suing the makers of the insanely popular non-profit Star Trek fan-film: Axanar. 

HO HO HO nerds!  Happy Holidays and welcome to yet another edition of The Negative Space! With ¾ of the population crapping their pants this December over the new Star Wars, and not being one of those huddled masses personally; I have this age old nerd debate pop into my head as CBS has also announced a new Star Trek series in the making. And since it’s #STARWARSMONTH here at Nerd Nation… I felt it was the perfect time to address this one…


If you’ve ever been to a major convention, or just around a large enough group of nerds (usually older ones, but every age is involved) you’ve heard it. The great debate that’s raged on for what seems like forever. Star Wars vs. Star Trek… Star Wars vs Star Trek… Star Wars vs. Star Trek. It just never ends. Well, please allow me to say as loudly and as publicly as I can…




Greetings Fellow Nerds! 
Tis the month of All Hallows!  Our Dec. 25th, because screw yuppies!

In this magical time of year of spooks, goblins, ghosts, and all the horror movie reruns you can handle,  I have been seeing a lot of  controversy coming from the overly sensitive babies of the great herd ranging from Batman covers, to the new Muppet Show, to the editing of cartoons because of content, and everything in-between.  This has ultimately led to the great debate of censorship, what is deemed “appropriate” for the masses to view, and what should be given the axe and attempted to be buried away for no one to see.  Great artists and writers throughout the ages have had to deal with this ugly demon of society, some with success, and others driven away forever.


So let me just say, as loudly and as publicly as I can…


Greetings Nerds!  Prepare to get your collective undies in a bunch, because I am about to unleash a bit of negativity on seemingly everyone’s favorite convention, Dragon*Con!


official Dragon*Con logo

Now for starters, I used to attend Dragon*Con every single year; it was my Mecca, my annual “Utopian Trek” if you will. I was a loyalist, and never missed a year for over a decade.  Coming down to Atlanta, GA and not worrying about anything except how much fun you could pack into 96 hours was what it was all about.  It was still large, even back then, but you could also socialize and walk without worrying if you could breathe, were going to get run over, or get a nose full of god knows what mutation.

Slowly over the years, being a nerd developed into the new popular thing; now we have people that are only a fan of one specific piece of fandom attending and turning their noses up at the other attendees, or you have the people that come just to party with nerds and have no real reason for being there, aside from trying to pick up a date and/or someone to hook up with. I guess if that’s what you’re into, then whatever, but that’s just not the Dragon I remember.


Fairly typical Friday crowd at Dragon*Con


Cosplayers have officially lost their minds.

So running though my news feed of all of the premieres, and wackiness that was San Diego’s Comic Con 2015 this past month – and yes, I choose to watch that cattle herding extravaganza from the comfort of my own office chair –  I have had something brought to my attention that just really pisses me off.
maxresdefaultCosplayers charging for photos…