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Gobble Gobble Gobble, my fellow nerds! 
Its that time of year to be pseudo-thankful for all that you have. I say “pseudo-thankful” because a majority of you seem to have lost a bit of grip on the difference between entertainment and your life.


From the militant basement-dwellers, to the recent surge of the fair weather fan crowd, it seems that the wall between artists and fans has faded to a chalk line that one continuously dares the other to cross.



When you talk about big, prestigous conventions around the United States, you simply cannot have that conversation without mentioning HeroesCon. All the way back in 1982, Shelton Drum, owner of Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find (better known locally as ‘Heroes Comics’) launched the very first HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina. More than three decades later, Nerd Nation Magazine was in attendance for their 2016 offering.


HeroesCon 2016 kicked off exactly as it does every single year; a June weekend at the very large, and very luxurious Charlotte Convention Center in downtown Charlotte., with a virtual who’s who among comic book professionals. All the big comic book companies were represented, more big name comic book guests than I will even begin to try and list (seriously, just go their website and see for yourself), nearly every major comic book store in the southeast and beyond, all the regional fan groups, big name cosplayers, and of course any and every regional media outlet from television to radio to web. Everyone was in the house for this one.

But is sheer size and a big, stacked guest list ALL it takes to make a great convention? Read on to find out (and be warned, dear readers, absolutely ZERO punches are pulled in this one!)


Greetings Fellow Nerds!  Welcome to another extra-salty edition of The Negative Space!

A little birdie told me a few of you have missed me coming around and pooping all over your sunbathing in the worlds of fandom… I am touched.. No, really… I’m touching myself. Not like that, mind you, in a totally professional manner. Jeez, get your minds out of the gutter! This is a PG publication!


Anyway,  since no new movies have come out for me to bash just yet, lets just get into someone who gets on my nerves just as much as Tim Burton and J.J. Abrams…  someone who, let’s just say completes the unholy trifecta of world class overpaid crap directors, none other than Michael Bay!


Once nearly every month, the beautiful and scenic Kings Mountain State Park, which splits the border between North and South Carolina, plays host to something truly fascinating; even beyond its own timeless natural wonder. Because for three days a month from March through November, the entire mountain is transformed into the epic fantasy realm of Shadowmoor.


(image courtesy of Shadowmoor LARP – fair use)

Shadowmoor is a live action role-playing game, or as it’s more commonly referred to, a LARP. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s a role-playing game much like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder, except instead of rolling dice on a table, controlling a created character as they adventure through your imagination, you ARE the character, and the adventuring is 100% your own actions in an actual, physical setting.


Hey Paramount/CBS… you mad?! Apparently so.. Welcome, nerds and happy new year! The First Negative Space of 2016 is off and running with a current event that stands to paint a very bad smear across the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek.


(just a preview of what might have been with Star Trek: Axanar)

What is this smear, you may be asking?
Paramount/CBS suing the makers of the insanely popular non-profit Star Trek fan-film: Axanar. 

HO HO HO nerds!  Happy Holidays and welcome to yet another edition of The Negative Space! With ¾ of the population crapping their pants this December over the new Star Wars, and not being one of those huddled masses personally; I have this age old nerd debate pop into my head as CBS has also announced a new Star Trek series in the making. And since it’s #STARWARSMONTH here at Nerd Nation… I felt it was the perfect time to address this one…


If you’ve ever been to a major convention, or just around a large enough group of nerds (usually older ones, but every age is involved) you’ve heard it. The great debate that’s raged on for what seems like forever. Star Wars vs. Star Trek… Star Wars vs Star Trek… Star Wars vs. Star Trek. It just never ends. Well, please allow me to say as loudly and as publicly as I can…




As many of you know by now, there is a new hashtag movement gaining a lot of attention as of late. The hashtag is #BoycottStarWars. That alone should be enough to send shockwaves of disdain through most of you. What is even more repugnant and sinister, however, is the reason that some would actually want to take part in such a hashtag movement. Apparently, there are some people that are so upset that Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens will have a black person for a main character that they think of it as “white genocide” (actual quote). That’s right folks: apparently, Star Wars is racist against white people because it has a person of color playing one of the heroes. Sigh. This hashtag “movement” (which worth noting, is only a small minority of Star Wars “fans”) has included several racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic jabs that will NOT even be mentioned here

There’s a lot I have to say about this, so please allow me to just get right down to it…


(photo courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures)