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CLEVELAND, OH: Halloween and horror music legends Midnight Syndicate will bring their critically-acclaimed concert experience, Midnight Syndicate Live!, back to the world famous amusement park, Cedar Point this fall. The horror-themed multimedia concerts blending live music, theatre, and film will run Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays from September 15 through October 29 in the Jack Aldrich Theater at Cedar Point’s 21st annual HalloWeekends event.


(image courtesy of Midnight Syndicate)

“We’ve developed a new, even better show that we can’t wait to unleash on audiences,” said Midnight Syndicate’s Edward Douglas. “Our new venue, the Jack Aldrich Theater, is a perfect fit for what we want to do. It will allow us to create an intimate and thrilling experience that guests won’t soon forget.”


CLEVELAND, OH – Award-winning composers and dark music pioneers Midnight Syndicate have released the Zombies!!! Official Board Game Soundtrack.  
The new release features Midnight Syndicate‘s signature blend of sound effects and instrumental music set in the modern day, post-zombie apocalypse world of the Zombies!!! board game.  “We wanted to design a soundtrack that would not only heighten the Zombies!!! game play experience, but also appeal to all fans of zombies and our friends in the haunted attraction industry,” said Edward Douglas.  “I think we were able to achieve that.”
“Given the character and core elements of the game, I think that both of us immediately felt that this album should focus on having a more modern, aggressive sound. In order to achieve that, we brought in a lot of electronic and percussive instruments and kept the fundamental game scenarios firmly in mind, approaching it more as an actual soundtrack than as a collection of songs built around a particular theme or setting. While there are a few tracks that are more situation or location-specific, most are intended to evoke the general feel and atmosphere of the game world, allowing you to play along without interruption,” added Gavin Goszka.


Seasons Greetings Nerds!

Ye Olde Grinch is back with another unprovoked attack on the little Whos down in Whoville that make this world crap-tacular! I decided to switch gears for the December edition of The Negative Space and do something of the non-screen variety; as I am also a huge music nerd and avid metalhead. There is this great disturbance that has grown from a little singularity on the isle of Japan, to now infiltrating some of the best metal festivals on Earth, leaving metalheads either looking on in disgust and confusion, or (more frighteningly) becoming fans.. This great disturbance is powerful and is not to be taken lightly, for too many, too often enjoy the sight of little prepubescent Japanese girls bouncing around… this threat is known as… BABYMETAL


Prepubescent Bubblegum Pop Metal from Japan? Welcome to my Nightmare…