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Behind Comic Con Curtains, the upcoming convention/nerd culture documentary from North Carolina-based Saint Alt Productions in association with us here at Nerd Nation Entertainment launched its official indiegogo campaign today (which can be seen HERE).


(image courtesy of Saint Alt Productions)

According to the official imdb page, Behind Comic Con Curtains “follows various individuals – all notable in their own ways among the Eastern US convention circuit – including organizers, vendors, guests, party hosts, fan groups, and regular attendees in an attempt to understand the wildly popular, and often unusual world of comic book and science fiction fandom conventions.”

Independent filmmaker, and voice of the Joncast Podcast, Jonathan Weaver II will serve as director for the film, which will begin filming next month at ConCarolinas 2015. We at Nerd Nation are very proud to be working with Jonathan, and everyone else involved with this excellent idea, and we look forward to seeing some well-deserved light shed on the awesome world of comic/sci-fi/fandom conventions that we all love!


Once nearly every month, the beautiful and scenic Kings Mountain State Park, which splits the border between North and South Carolina, plays host to something truly fascinating; even beyond its own timeless natural wonder. Because for three days a month from March through November, the entire mountain is transformed into the epic fantasy realm of Shadowmoor.


(image courtesy of Shadowmoor LARP – fair use)

Shadowmoor is a live action role-playing game, or as it’s more commonly referred to, a LARP. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s a role-playing game much like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder, except instead of rolling dice on a table, controlling a created character as they adventure through your imagination, you ARE the character, and the adventuring is 100% your own actions in an actual, physical setting.



As many of you may have noticed, we’ve taken the past week or so off to celebrate the holidays with our families, and are now all rested up, recovered, and ready to get right back to it in 2016!

We’ve got a ton of cool things planned for the coming year, including (but not limited to) more convention appearances all throughout the US, which leads directly into more exclusive content, continuing our many great partnerships, forging new alliances, finding new sponsors, and of course continuing our usual bi-monthly Geektopia events in our HQ city of Charlotte, NC – the first of which will be later this month on January 23rd! Check out the official Facebook event page for it HERE. Combine that with all of our usual columns and articles, and we’ve got quite the full plate ready to serve up for your reading/viewing pleasure.

As with every year, we’ll be kicking off our convention touring schedule in February… starting this year with a split crew at both AmeliaCon 2016 in Fernandina Beach, FL and Days of the Dead: Atlanta 2016 in Atlanta, GA on the same weekend, followed almost immediately by a full-crew trip out to Chattanooga, TN for ConNooga 2016. Expect lots of cool, exclusive content coming directly from these events. For a full list of our upcoming events and appearances, please visit our Upcoming Events page on our website… or if you want it in a new window while you’re reading this, just CLICK HERE. Keep checking back for updates, as new dates are being added all the time!

Finally, please allow me to take a moment to thank each and every one of you dear readers out there on behalf of the entire staff here at Nerd Nation. Your continued support is exactly why we’re able to do everything that we do, and without you none of this would be even remotely possible. We love you all, and we look forward to providing you all with another great year of geeky, nerdy, entertainment!

-Dave Harlequin
Editor in Chief: Nerd Nation Magazine



That’s right folks, with Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens on the horizon, and the whole world in the midst of Star Wars Mania, we at Nerd Nation have dedicated the entire month of December to the force-powered fandom of Star Wars we all love. All (yes, ALL) of our regular columns this month will be focused on some aspect of Star Wars, as well as many extra special features just for the occasion! Keep checking back here on our website and following us on social media (on Facebook at: and on Twitter at: @NerdNationPress)  for updates and join in the fun by using the hashtag #StarWarsMonth!

As always, thank you for reading Nerd Nation, and may the force be with you all!

-Dave Harlequin
Editor: Nerd Nation Magazine

Nerd Nation editor Dave Harlequin recently appeared on #FlashChat – the post episode discussion talk show on WCCB-18 – the Charlotte affiliate to The CW Network – alongside series host Jess Baryla and Big Fandom Greenville convention chairman Michael Soler. In this episode, they discuss the recent happenings on CW’s The Flash, as well as speculate on what may come to the show in the future. You can watch this episode in its entirety for free RIGHT HERE!

-Nerd Nation Staff
(video courtesy of WCCB-18, Charlotte) 

Greetings Fellow Nerds!

Happy October to you all! It’s been a crazy time here at Nerd Nation HQ, and as you can probably guess, we’ve been extremely busy working on new content, new events, new equipment, and new ways to improve your reading experience. With all that in mind, I felt it was time for a much-needed update… a “State of the (Nerd) Nation” Address, if you will.


Wearing his Stormtrooper attire, 501st Legion member Kevin Doyle walked 501 miles to San Diego, California to attend San Diego’s Comic Con International 2015 in honor of his late wife Eileen Shige Doyle, who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2012.


Both he and his wife were members of the Star Wars costuming fan group: The 501st Legion, who shared in their love for both Star Wars fandom, and each other. He tells the San Diego Tribune:

“In the time since she died, I’ve struggled with how to deal with the loss. I’ve been self-destructive and my art suffered. Being out here, my mindset is an open book. I hope I find enough healing to be creative and work in that way again. When you lose somebody, you look for things like that. To me it was like she was telling me that this was something I needed to do.”


Kevin was inspired to embark on his journey when he realized that the distance from his home in San Francisco to San Diego was 501 miles. This journey was not just a beautiful act of love, but also the means to raise funds to open a children’s cancer charity foundation in her honor, Eileen’s Little Angels.


On a personal note, and on behalf of all of us here at Nerd Nation Magazine, I would like to extend our support and congratulations to Kevin on completing his journey, and hope he has an amazing time at SDCC. With so much tragedy in the media these days, and so many terrible things happening all-around , it’s truly inspiring and heart-warming to hear of such a beautiful act of love. I for one am not the least bit surprised to see this come from our wonderful nerd culture.

Check out the official Twitter page: @501MileWalk for more photos, the full story, and to find out how you can help.

-Dave Harlequin
Editor in Chief: Nerd Nation Magazine


Legendary character actor Tom Towles, best known as a regular in Rob Zombie films who was also known for his notable roles in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, and (1990’s) Night of the Living Dead, among many others, has died. He was 65.


(image courtesy of Rob Zombie – via Instagram)

Longtime friend, filmmaker/musician Rob Zombie announced Towles’ death Sunday via Facebook: “I just got word that our buddy Tom Towles has died,” Zombie wrote. “He was such a great guy and I am so grateful that we got to work together several times. He will be really missed.”


Renowned Atlanta-based horror/sci-fi author J.H. Glaze returns with his latest novella: “Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls” out now via MostCool Media (ISBN #: 978-0983906988).


As the title would suggest, “Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls” is anything but a ‘super-serious’ tale; harkening back to the classic b-movie-esque sci-fi/horror one might encounter on a old late, late, late show or rotting away on a video store shelf with other bizarre VHS offerings, while moving the sub-genre forward into the 21st century… and of course, in book form!