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It is past time for a new Comics Corner, it is around the 77th anniversary celebration of Batman’s first appearance, and I have writer’s block. That means a listicle! A while back (February of 2015, to be exact) I offered you all my thoughts on the Top-Ten Most Underrated Batman Stories (click that link and go read it, hopefully again!).


Since I know there are many who are fans of Batman, but maybe aren’t too familiar with some of his comic book shenanigans, I thought I’d offer you ten more often overlooked and underrated Batman stories. These are in no particular order, but especially if you enjoyed the issues from the prior list, hopefully here are some new entries to add to your pull list.


Welcome to another edition of Comics Corner. For this month, we’re going to hop across the pond and take a little trip to France, where we’ll be taking a look at independent French comic L’invasion Invisible.

Invisible Invasion 1

In a comic book world almost entirely dominated by the big four – and particularly the “big two” of Marvel and DC – we here at Nerd Nation always appreciate the little guy, and always give love to the indie publishers out there, too, as many indies can often be great titles as well.

So how does L’invasion Invisible measure up? Read on to see for yourselves!

1986. It is difficult to call it the “greatest” or “most influential” year for comics, but 1986, much like 1962, was a touchstone year in comics, publishing some of the most beloved stories in comics, even today. While there have been other periods of years or spans of a particular editor which have just as many beloved moments in comics, it is hard to pinpoint exact years the way 1986 was for comics.


1986 in a period-accurate font

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest comic book contributions to come out of the year 1986. Read on to see the full list!


This month we are going to look at Comixology’s brand new service: Comixology Unlimited. It was launch on May 24th and is the equivalent of a Netflix service (or I think possibly more of an Amazon Prime service) for digital comics. The service currently offers a free 30 day trial and after that it is $5.99 a month.


(image courtesy of Amazon)

As it is, I’m sure some of you are probably off to the races to try out this new service. But in case you aren’t ready yet, your ever intrepid and generally incredibly cheap ‘Comics Corner’ guru has generously chosen to sacrifice nothing (but potentially his marriage) to try unlimited comics free for thirty days.


It is amazing how often in this column on comics that I’m able to meld in my other interests: typically either movies or yelling at millennials on the internet. But for this issue, I get to include a whole new passion of mine, music, as I talk about the collected edition of the comic series Henry & Glenn Forever by Tom Neely (and a long list of other contributing artists).


Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever is a trade collection from a series about a committed and loving relationship between Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig.


Believe it or not, Deadpool is nothing new. Well, it’s completely new and original in almost every way, but it isn’t the first R-Rated comic book film. What makes Deadpool stand out is the Marvel logo at the beginning of the film, which has become an incredibly well-known brand for family-friendly films, but in truth, Deadpool isn’t even the first rated R film that had that logo at the beginning. Punisher and Blade both established themselves as Marvel films in five R-Rated films together (and we’re not even counting the Dolph Lundren early 90s feature), but that was before Marvel had really gotten their brand name solidified with movies like Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. But with everyone freaking about Deadpool being rated R, memes started circulating on social media about other comic book characters who also held their own R-Rated films. So I’ve compiled a list, just so we’re all clear, of the top ten R-Rated Comic Book Films. Why? Well, because list articles are easy and I’m pretty lazy (we’ve gone over this before). I’ve graded this list based on the average opinion of the Internet combining ratings from multiple sites, so this isn’t my pure opinion. I mean, Blade II didn’t even make the cut, and I personally love that film. Anyway, let’s get to it!

With the dramatic and record-shattering successful first weekend of the Deadpool movie there are going to be a lot of fans jumping on board wanting to read all about Marvel‘s favorite Merc With a Mouth. That’s wonderful! There are so, so many excellent Deadpool stories in the comics, and I for one am hoping that you want to actually read these stories and learn more about the character instead of just buying a cornucopia of variant cover issues that he appears to be on.


(image courtesy of Marvel)

Does that sound bitter? Well, I do apologize. As a fan of comics, and more importantly of reading comics, I get a tad bit impatient with marketing ploys in comics that aren’t related to the actual stories and characters… but, I’m pointlessly ranting now. I’m sorry. Let’s get back on topic with helping you discover the absolute best there is to offer in terms of Wade Wilson.  Whether you’re a new convert coming over from the fantastic Deadpool movie, or if you’ve not been around in a while… here’s a great list of some selected gems.


Happy New Year and welcome to the first “Comics Corner” of 2016. Much like every other year, 2016 is full of great promise in comics. While a great deal of the publishing news is still under wraps, a few of the highlights and promises of the year-to-come in comics are already known. Let’s take a look at a few of these aforementioned highlights…


(image courtesy of DC Comics)



In 2009 Disney bought Marvel. In 2012 Disney bought Star Wars. And from those two purchases Dark Horse lost their comic book publishing rights to Star Wars Comics at the end of 2014 and Marvel launched its new Star Wars line of comics in January of 2015. While it is a sad day seeing the end of Dark Horse’s various Star Wars series after almost twenty-five years, the thought of new beginnings and new creators working from Marvel on new sets of series was an exciting moment for the Star Wars canon. Marvel saw the opportunity and put some of their best creators on these series and have developed some truly great Star Wars comics this year and there are sure to be more to come.


So here is a rundown of the comics Marvel has offered us this year (and one from next year) with the when it happens in continuity, what it is about, and why you should read it.

Anyone who knows me knows that I believe Warren Ellis is the greatest comic book writer today, and is potentially one of the greatest of all time. I’m not alone in my belief on this subject, but to those of you who may be new to comics and want to properly waste your time and money on nothing but the best… or maybe those of you who often prefer more challenging reads, here is a breakdown (or a self-indulgent list by an unapologetic Ellis sycophant, you decide) of some of the must-read works by the great Warren Ellis.