Currently touring the film festival circuit with a planned major theatrical release through Lionsgate is Kill Giggles, the latest feature from Writer/Director Jaysen Buterin and North Carolina based studio Mad Ones Films. A film that took nearly four years to write, nineteen days to shoot, and an entire two-year-long global pandemic tossed in just in time for what should have been a major release, there has been more than a little delay in the film getting out there beyond film festivals – where it has (if you’ll excuse the cliche) been going gangbusters, racking up awards left and right, and with good reason.

The story focuses on Tommy Dos Santos (played by indie film veteran Michael Ray Williams) a disturbed young man with a dark past who decides to rid the world of the one thing he hates more than anything else – clowns. All of them. Things seem to be going smoothly for Tommy during his clown-killing spree until he links up with his beautiful new girlfriend Eden (played by Ellie Church) whose father just so happens to be – you guessed it – the famous clown Giggles (played by Vernon Wells of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, Weird Science). All of this adds excellent tension to an already-gruesome film, and ultimately leads to a thrilling conclusion that is very likely to leave you fairly shocked and stay with you for some time after.

The cast also features a veritable who’s who of indie film, most notably Felissa Rose (of Sleepaway Camp fame) and Judith O’Dea (of Night of the Living Dead fame), alongside a stellar list of other supporting actors. The cinematography by Jesse H. Knight is outstanding, as are the special effects by Joh Harp, both of which among the best work from their respective artists, and really bring to life this great story.

The Bottom Line:
Overall, Kill Giggles is a testament to everything good independent horror can be, and is proof that you don’t need an astronomical budget to make a stellar film. It’s well-written, well-shot, well-paced, and most importantly entertaining. I for one can’t wait to see what this film does once it finally makes its way to the big screen, hopefully sooner than later! -9.0/10

-Dave Harlequin
Staff Writer: Nerd Nation Magazine


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