NEWS: ‘Livescreamers’, the Sequel to Found Footage Horror Film ‘Livescream’, Enters Pre-Production.

In 2020, horror festival favorite Livescream landed on VOD and Blu-Ray. The found-footage film combined the live action performance of Gunner Willis with custom games built in Unreal Engine, to mimic the experience of watching a solo Twitch streamer fight for his life.

Now, Octopunk Media announces a sequel entitled Livescreamers – and this time, it’s multiplayer.

In Livescreamersthe Janus Gaming team has made their mark on video content creation with a group of eight diverse gamers, and millions of rabid fans. While recording a playthrough of a new horror game, they are quickly thrown into an inescapable haunt as the game kills them one by one. Their only salvation lies in working together to escape the game’s surreal haunted castle. But as the game preys on their darkest secrets and egos, their biggest challenge will be trusting each other.

Inspired by films like HostStay Alive, and Bo Burnham’s Make Happy, and featuring game design inspired by Resident Evil, Outlast, Until Dawn, Dead by Daylight, and many more, Livescreamers is a “screenlife” found footage slasher and direct sequel to 2020’s Livescream.

Michelle Iannantuono returns as writer, director, and producer of the new film. Much like its predecessor, Livescreamers utilizes the power of the Unreal Engine, including its new character creation tool Metahumans, to build a digital haunted house to doom its characters.

The ensemble cast is led by Michael Smallwood (Halloween Kills, The Righteous Gemstones) as Nemo, a gamer who has grown shy of his audience after a traumatic experience, and Lukas Hassel (Slapface, The Blacklist) as Mitch, the leader of Janus who makes devastating choices to keep his fledgling channel afloat.

Also featured in the cast are Jillian Geurts (Hell House LLC 2), Christopher Trindade (Detroit Evolution), Coby C. Oram, Evan Michael Pearce, Maddox Julien Slide, Anna Lin, and introducing Neoma Sanchez.

The film will shoot in April, for a fall festival release. An IndieGogo campaign is currently live, and can be checked out at the following link



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