State of the Nerd Nation Address: October 2020

Greetings, Fellow Nerds!

As you’ve probably noticed already, things have been fairly quiet here at Nerd Nation for the past few months.

2020 has undoubtedly been one of the most challenging and difficult years any of us can remember, and this has been especially true in the realm of entertainment and fandom culture. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, growing political strife and civil unrest in the United States, virtually nothing new or noteworthy happening in entertainment or fandom, and a variety of personal and professional struggles among our own staff getting in the way, there hasn’t really been much to report on, nor much time to do so of late. No new movies of note have been released (outside of a few straight-to-VOD offerings), even fewer (if any) are being worked on, movie theaters remain closed down at most places around the country, literally every convention and live event we planned to attend and cover has been either postponed to 2021 or outright cancelled, and most of everything else that we cover has been slowed to a crawl on releases, if not outright halted, as well. It seems throughout the year, about all we’ve really had to report on was just more bad news: notable people dying, things being cancelled, places going out of business, etc. and quite frankly, it’s all just been very depressing, and not at all what we want our publication to be about.

We proudly serve as a nerd/fandom culture and entertainment publication, always have, always will. We don’t cover anything else, and that especially includes pandemics and politics. There’s enough of that stuff out there… well… just about everywhere else, and it’s just not something we do. So, long story short, we just don’t have a lot to talk about right now during these uncertain (and quite frankly, pretty miserable) times.

Furthermore, it seems that WordPress – who serves as the hosting format for our website – has gone through some major changes to their publishing and format, and quite frankly, none of us like it at all. These changes (much like Facebook) seem to be forced, with little to no alternatives offered, so we are also in the process of either trying to make this work for us… or find somewhere else to take our website.

So, long story short: we’re taking a break. For now. 

That doesn’t mean we’re out of business. We’re not. That doesn’t mean we won’t be back soon enough. We will. It just means that with everything going on this year – or more appropriately in our case, everything NOT going on this year – we’re just taking some time away to focus on staying healthy, taking care of our families, and working on all of the various NEW things we’ve got planned for 2021. Speaking of which…


We will be doing a major relaunch in Winter of 2021!! Including a brand new upgraded website, new features, new columns, and new exclusive content! We will be incorporating our film and radio affiliates (A Stranger Concept Films and Radio Gonzo 42, respectively) more into our regular programming, and expanding our current slate of film/television reviews and convention/live event coverage once things start to get a little more back to normal.

Finally, thank you all so much, dear readers, for your continued support. Since we founded this publication back in 2014, we’ve always done everything we do with you all in mind, and that will never change. We are proudly by fans, for fans, and that’s not some catchphrase or collection of buzzwords, it’s the truth. On behalf of the entire team here, we hope you’re all staying safe, happy, and healthy in these unprecedented, uncertain, and difficult times. We will be back very soon, and we can’t wait to show you all everything we’ve been working on while we’ve been locked down. Until then, Cheers!

-Dave Harlequin
Editor in Chief


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