NEWS – Micropolitan Film Festival Announces Plans to Move Forward as Online Event

The Micropolitan Film Festival has officially announced that it will indeed continue amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, but as an online-only event. The announcement was made in late June via the McDowell Arts Council Association official website, the organizers of this event.


One of Western North Carolina’s largest film festivals, the Micropolitan Film Festival is hosted annually each August in Marion, NC through the McDowell Arts Council, and has consistently brought a lot of attention from the film community, as well as a lot of business to the town – which really embraces the festival, including several restaurants, bars, and various other downtown locations joining in the community-wide event. No doubt, this move will affect and impact all of the aforementioned businesses, but it is still good news that it will be able to continue at all, given North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper’s announcement that movie theaters will still not be able to operate for the foreseeable future at this stage of North Carolina’s “Three Phase Plan” of reopening amid the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

The Micropolitan Film Festival is currently scheduled to take place August 14-15, 2020. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.


-Nerd Nation Staff


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