Friday, September 6, 2019 marked the major theatrical release of IT: Chapter Two, the long awaited second-half of everyone’s favorite clowny horror film adapted from the original made-for-TV film that terrorized kids of all ages in the 1990s.


IT: Chapter Two kicks off decades after Chapter One left off, with the nefarious cosmic entity Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgård) returning for yet another 27-year cycle to terrorize a new generation in the fictional town of Derry, ME. All of the original kids known affectionately as the “Losers Club” have since grown up, with many moving on to very successful adult lives… all of them that is except Mike Hanlon (Isaiah Mustafa) who stayed behind in Derry to work at the local library. Now, one by one he is reaching out to all of his childhood friends to keep the promise they made to each other all those years ago to come back and fight Pennywise once again should he ever return. Strangely, it seems everyone who has left Derry can’t seem to remember much of anything about the place anymore, that is until they’re all frozen with fear upon hearing of IT. As the group reunite in Derry, memories begin to return to them all, and as the group of old friends come together for one final confrontation with their greatest fears, will they be able to finally destroy IT once and for all? Or will the cycle of horror continue to terrorize and destroy yet another generation?


This is a fine sequel, and a a nice finish to the story, but does somehow lack a bit of the impact of the first, and especially the original. It’s not bad by any means, but just leaves a bit to be desired. While the first chapter did such a good job of establishing everything and showcasing more than enough horror, this one seems to almost skimp out in the scares and creepy visuals, and in no way seems to even try to top the first chapter, instead carrying audiences along to the ending with just enough to make you not hate it, and just enough to make you not love it either. The law of diminishing returns is in effect here to some degree, and that may have everything to do with the great marketing and hype-building team behind it all. That said, the acting performances are all very solid, particularly the performances by Bill Skarsgård and James McAvoy, the makeup, effects, and sets are all very well done, and the technical aspects are well done, and yes, the latter of which really goes without saying as it’s basically just the Hollywood standard nowadays, but I digress.


The Bottom Line:
Overall, IT: Chapter Two is a fine flick to kick off your fall season, but much like the actual start of fall is often just late summer with slightly cooler nights in most places, this film just isn’t quite on the level you want your real fall spooktacular movie binge. It’s a good appetizer, but doesn’t really work as the full meal. Either way, it’s worth seeing, just don’t buy too much into the hype. -6.5/10

-Dave Harlequin
Editor/Staff Writer: Nerd Nation Magazine



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