Currently touring the film festival circuit and in select theaters is Blood of the Mummy, the latest from Sick Chick Flicks and writer/director Christine Parker. Nerd Nation Magazine was in attendance for the official world premiere courtesy of Sick Chick Flicks and The Cary Theater.

(image courtesy of Sick Chick Flicks)

Blood of the Mummy tells the story of Louise (played by Laura Bridges) who as a young girl experienced tragedy when her archaeologist parents were murdered during an excavation of an ancient Egyptian tomb. In the years that followed, Louise repeatedly witnesses a powerful and ancient mummy wreaking havoc on countless victims throughout her life, yet always sparing her. Now institutionalized as an adult, Louise tries coming to terms with this mummy’s curse bestowed upon her, while attempting to understand if this curse is actually meant to torment her, or protect her. As the story unfolds, she begins to unravel several mysteries surrounding her perilous and unusual life as she draws closer to coming face to face with the truth.

(image courtesy of Sick Chick Flicks)

This is a carefully crafted story, with exceptional pacing throughout its 90-minute runtime that keeps things interesting while simultaneously building towards a satisfying climax that will leave audiences sated while still wanting more. Excellent screenwriting and storytelling, especially for an independent film. That said, the film is not without its flaws. The lighting is very inconsistent, jumping around quite a bit, going between brilliant blue-washed callbacks to such classics as Creepshow, to some over-exposed looking shots that definitely challenge the suspension of disbelief, and somewhat take away from the overall experience. This is more than made up for by excellent editing and transition between shots, as well as a terrific score from composer (and John Williams protege) Miriam Mayer and some perfectly-fitted original songs from rock band Viva La Venus. There is also quite a bit of very well-done special effects, and more than enough red goo for gorehounds to sink their cinematic teeth into, courtesy of veteran F/X artists Bill Mulligan and Cierra Doll. But perhaps the best thing at work in this entire production is its use of some incredible set design. From the use of elaborate ancient Egyptian inspired sets and desert backdrops to the juxtaposed modern settings which blend seamlessly to create a truly immersive visual experience.

The Bottom Line:
Overall, Blood of the Mummy is a very good horror film, blending the classic ‘creature feature’ approach with modern narrative cinema thanks to some stellar writing and even better editing. While the film certainly has its flaws on the technical side of things, this feature really does its best to overcome its shortcomings with a great, and obviously passionate cast and crew. If you see this one on the bill of any film festivals in your area (and I’m quite sure you will, given its quality) do yourself a favor and go see this one, otherwise, be sure and stay connected with the Sick Chick Flicks crew about DVD/BluRay/Streaming distribution. – 8.0/10


-Dave Harlequin
Editor/Staff Writer: Nerd Nation Magazine



  1. I saw this at a film festival. Thought it was ok over all. But the whole crappy ULTRA fake mental hospital really took me out of it. Maybe I just know how those places really are, but yeah I couldnt fully get into it bc of that



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