EVENT REPORT – 2018 Horror Movie Freaks Film Festival (Winston-Salem, NC)

Saturday, October 6th marked the 2018 offering of the Horror Movie Freaks Film Festival. The day-long event took place at the Village Inn Event Center in the town of Clemmons, just minutes outside the city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


Presented by the Horror Movie Freaks digital publication, and organized by HMF staff Josh Mabe, Stephen Ingves, and Scott Lake, the event, as the name would suggest, focuses purely on horror films, with a strong emphasis on short films and regionally produced films from North Carolina.

What really captured my attention going into it was just how exceptionally well-run everything was. Anyone who has ever worked with a film festival in any capacity knows exactly how chaotic – and as a result disorganized – these things can so often be, if only for the sheer fact of how much work and attention to detail actually goes into organizing and running one. Everything from event programs readily available at the door, to the added details of branding bumpers before each film shown, to the tightly maintained schedule of screenings, to intermissions between each block for the attendees to stretch their legs, and visit the outstanding on-site bar mere steps away from the screening room showed everyone in attendance that the organizers knew exactly what they were doing, and actually cared about the comfort and happiness of those in attendance. The awards ceremony that followed was live-streamed for those unable to attend, and many of the award winners were in attendance to accept the awards and say a few words in a presentation that was professional and detailed without ever once dragging on too long.


The lineup of films shown was both eclectic and enjoyable, showcasing many different types of horror, and really leaving something for everyone to enjoy. Personally I enjoyed every film I saw, but then again, I’m a pretty big horror fan.

Overall, The Horror Movie Freaks Film Festival was a very well-run, and very enjoyable event that any horror fan would really enjoy attending. As they continue to grow and expand, keep an eye on these guys, because they’re definitely poised to take a huge presence on the festival circuit very, very soon. I know I’ll definitely be attending again.


-Dave Harlequin
Editor: Nerd Nation Magazine


  1. Sounds like a really fun event! I recently moved to NC and will definitely be checking this out next year. Thanks for the recommendation.



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