NEWS – Former IGN Editor Fired After Plagiarism Allegations Surface

Digital gaming and technology publication IGN Entertainment, one of the world’s largest online media outlets has fired former editor Filip Miucin on grounds of plagiarism, after several readers of the website uncovered and revealed that dozens of his articles and videos were directly copied from other websites without attribution.

(image courtesy of IGN Entertainment)

Following the firing of Miucin, IGN has already begun deleting dozens of posts, including articles, reviews, and videos – all of which were plagiarized from other online reviewers – from the website. In an official Twitter statement from IGN Executive Editor Dan Stapleton, he wrote:

As first reported by Kotaku earlier today, “the plan, IGN editors said, is to scrutinize all of the work Miucin has published since the site hired him last October, then figure out what can be restored. IGN’s editors also said they hope to re-review the games he reviewed, including ports of Doom and Skyrim on Switch, both which have been replaced by the same message: “This article has been removed due to concerns over similarities to work by other authors. The author of this article is no longer employed by IGN.” Miucin has not yet responded to several requests for an interview.” Several IGN editors have made public statements about the incident, which can be seen now on both Kotaku and IGN‘s respective websites.

More on this story as it develops.


-Nerd Nation Staff


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