Greetings nerds!  I know I keep praising the entity that is Netflix; but there is a very good reason why, considering they have taken entertainment to an entirely new level.  From bringing to life some of Marvel’s best characters, to various outstanding original series and movies, Netflix has created its own popular niche in the ever-crowding world of movies and TV.

Enter the latest installment in the Netflix Original Movie Series (something SYFY should seriously take notes on – just saying) with its latest release: Bright, starring Will Smith.

(image courtesy of Netflix)

Taking place in what would be considered modern day Los Angeles, Bright fuses a few theatrical concepts together in what would be best described as Lethal Weapon meets Alien Nation and Once Upon a Time/Lord of the Rings; with Orcs, and Elves living alongside and amongst humans in a very shaky peace.  There is a definite class separation as the Elves are the rich and affluent, Orcs being lower than humans and confined to the underground and ghetto, and Humans seemingly stuck in thier usual spot as the dominant species on the planet, albeit with less power.

(image courtesy of Netflix)

Officr Daryl Ward (Will Smith) is an officer with the LAPD and has been placed with the most loathed of partners and the nation’s only Orc police officer Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton of Black Mass and The Great Gatsby).  Ward is returning to duty after being shot by an Orc that Jakoby let slip through his hands, and is now an even larger laughing stock, but has also drawn the ire of some on the force that would rather see him dead.   On patrol, Ward and Jakoby respond to a call that turns out to uncover a 2000 year old prophecy from a secret society of (mostly Elven) magic users called Brights, that are able to control mythical magical wands that can seemingly do anything, including grant wishes. In addition to these amazing abilities, these Brights are also capable of bringing back an ancient “Dark Lord” that wants to kill humans and establish an Elven utopia on Earth.  Aided by a rouge Elf named Tikka (Lucy Fry of Wolf Creek and 11.22.63) that has stolen one of these wands, Ward and Jakoby must survive a hellish night being chased by Orcs, rogue police officers, Elven federal agents, and the cultist Elves that are bent on bringing back what they refer to as “The Dark Lord.”

(image courtesy of Netflix)

While not an entirely original concept story, per-se, Bright has managed to fuse genres that would normally not go together, and do a very decent job of putting together an entertaining action flick that offers some new twists and turns to a tried-and-true formula.  While not the most robust in the storyline department, it is still easy to follow and pick up on the overall plot, and is ultimately very enjoyable popcorn stuff.

(image courtesy of Netflix)

The Bottom Line:
Overall, Bright is a very good, genre-bending movie, and one that with a few sequels, could easily fall into the cult classic catergory. Director David Ayer puts together a very entertaining film, full of great action, excellent acting, and outstanding special effects for your streaming pleasure. While not particularly exceptional in any one category, it’s still very well done all-around, and above all else – it’s fun. This is definietely one to keep in the queue for future watching, and highly recommended to anyone with a Netflix account -8.5/10



-Dave Ward 
First Ambassador/Staff Writer: Nerd Nation Magazine


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