State of the Nerd Nation Address: New Years 2018



As many of you may have noticed, we’ve taken the past few weeks off to celebrate the holidays with our families, and are now all rested up, recovered, and ready to get right back to it in 2018!

We’ve got a ton of cool things planned for the coming year, including (but not limited to) even more convention appearances all throughout the US, which leads directly into more exclusive content, continuing our many great partnerships, forging new alliances, finding new sponsors, and of course continuing our recent efforts into independent filmmaking alongside A Stranger Concept Films. Combine that with all of our usual columns and articles, and we’ve got quite the full plate ready to serve up for your reading/viewing pleasure!

Unlike previous years, where we’ve traditionally kicked things off in February, this year we’ll be kicking off our convention touring early, with IllogiCon 2018 in Raleigh, NC later this month, followed by a special appearance at Partial Nerdity, the new geeky, nerdy nightlife event in our hometown of Charlotte, NC that we proudly co-sponsor! Almost immediately following that, we’ll be doing two different great horror cons at Days of the Dead: Atlanta 2018 in Atlanta, GA, and Mad Monster Party 2018 back in Charlotte. Then, immediately following THAT, we’ll be in full-blown “divide and conquer” mode when for the first time ever, we will split the Nerd Nation crew in half and do BOTH Con Nooga 2018 in Chattanooga, TN and MystiCon 2018 in Roanoke, VA. That’s right, folks…
TWO conventions in TWO states in ONE weekend!
Are we crazy? Probably. Will it be fun? Absolutely!

Mind you, that’s JUST the first couple months of live appearances. For our full convention appearance schedule, be sure to keep checking back on our “Upcoming Events” page right here at Nerd Nation, and if you’d like to see us in your area, please let your local cons know you want us there, and/or just send us your ideas! Seriously, e-mail us anytime. We love talking to our readers! As 2018 rolls on we’re also planning to begin work on our next two independent short films, debut a couple brand new monthly columns, and finally, launch our brand new monthly podcast: Nerd Nation Radio! To say we’ve got a rather full plate on our hands is a massive understatement!

All of that said, I feel it needs to be addressed that absolutely all of this… all of it… is only possible because of all of YOU – our dear readers. Your continued support is exactly why we’re able to continue to grow, expand, and do everything that we do, and without you none of this would be even remotely possible. From the bottom of my heart, and speaking for all of us, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We love you all, and we look forward to providing you all with another great year of geeky, nerdy, entertainment!
Here’s to another great year in 2018, and may it bring you all endless joy and inspiration!

-Dave Harlequin
Editor in Chief: Nerd Nation Magazine


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