NEWS – Slash Gang Productions Unveil Official Poster for ‘GRIMMWOOD’

Slash Gang Productions, the cinematic collaboration of independent filmmakers Blair Hoyle and Matt Kiser (Happy Endings are a Rarity, Night Whispers, etc.) have returned once again with a new feature project – GRIMMWOOD, which unveiled its first official poster earlier this month.

Have a look at the poster here:

Grimmwood - Official Poster
(image courtesy of Slash Gang Productions)
Set to begin principal photography in November of 2017, the Halloween-set horror-mystery GRIMMWOOD “analyzes generational gaps and the industrialization of rural America,” and, according to the offical press release, tells the story of a depressed journalist and his teenage sister investigating the deaths of people in their hometown on the anniversary of an accused witch’s execution.
Stay tuned for more news as it develops as well as a full review upon release.
-Dave Harlequin
Editor/Staff Writer: Nerd Nation Magazine



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