TV REVIEW – ‘ASH VS. EVIL DEAD’ (Season 2/2016)

Another season of Ash vs. Evil Dead has finished, and all I can say is WOW!

(image courtesy of Starz Networks)

What started as one can only presume a season or two worth of our bumbling hero Ash (played of course by the iconic Bruce Campbell) fighting the forces of darkness with episodes designed in a sense that if you missed four or five episodes, you wouldn’t really be that lost whenever you picked back up (although I don’t know why you would miss any at all, but I digress) it has now developed a very in-depth storyline that has now left me on the edge of my seat, eagerly waiting for Season Three. And don’t worry, with ratings like these on a premium network, I can almost guarantee you that it will get a third season!

(image courtesy of Starz Networks)

Ash Vs. Evil Dead: Season Two starts out with our heroes living it up in sunny Jacksonville, Florida until evil comes beckoning again in the form of a displaced Ruby needing the trio’s help to get the Necronomicon back from her children whom have turned on her.  What follows is not only a comedic masterpiece by Bruce Campbell, but also a more dramatic/mental spin to the character (watch the Mental Ward episode) than we have seen in the past.

Ash vs. Evil Dead Key Art Shoot2016
(image courtesy of Starz Networks)

Between ultimate evil, Pablo becoming the Necronomicon, the big final battle, to the season finale paying a little bit of Sam Raimi homage to a certain Disney franchise, I can honestly say that if you missed watching even one episode, you will be a little lost even if it’s just minor details; the franchise has proven that they ultimately come back to be a significant story kink later on.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 2016
(image courtesy of Starz Networks)

The Bottom Line:
Overall, Ash Vs. Evil Dead continues to prove exactly why it’s one of the hands-down (or, well, I guess that should be HAND, sorry Ash) best shows on television right now, and most certainly in the conversation for THE best horror-esque show, period. It’s exactly everything it should be, featuring exactly everyone it should. If you’ve somehow not seen this one yet, especially if you’re a fan of the original Evil Dead franchise, do yourself a favor and go watch this one… now. You can thank me later. Here’s hoping this mental rollercoaster does not end anytime soon. Hail to the king, baby!  – 10.0/10


-Dave Ward
First Ambassador/Staff Writer: Nerd Nation Magazine


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