NEWS – Horror Anthology ‘MINDBENDER’ Now Available on DVD

North Carolina based production company Sun & Moon Studios’ most recent film release, Mindbender, is now availabe on DVD via their official webstore. The award-winning psychological horror anthology features three short stories, with an overarching plot that loosely ties them together, much in the vein of Creepshow and Tales from the Darkside: The Movie.

(image courtesy of Sun & Moon Studios NC)

Unlike these films, however, Mindbender is a bit ambitious in the sense that the order in which you watch the three shorts isn’t necessarily important, as the stories manage to tie together in slightly different ways if one is to watch them in an order different from that suggested.

The film, which features stars Santiago Cirilo (of The Walking Dead, Paranormal Chasers, Nashville) and Miller Carbon (of Banshee, Homeland), recently took home the award for “Best in Show” at its world premiere this past November at the 2016 Big Fandom Film Festival. A very impressive feat for a first showing, to be sure.

Mindbender is currently available for $15.00 at the Sun & Moon Studios offical webstore powered by Square.
CLICK HERE to check it out.


-Nerd Nation Staff

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  1. I LOVED this movie! Saw it at the film festival at Big Fandom Greenville 2016. It creeped me out, especially the middle chapter which looked the best out of all of them.

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