TV REVIEW – ‘DARK MATTER’ (Season 2/2016)

For science fiction fans, there has never been a better time to say Oh, Canada!



  1. No No No don’t increase the budget. Excellent writing, a terrific cast, and fresh ideas are often a byproduct of smaller budgeted where they don’t expect the graphics to do it for them. Case in point best of Star Trek, Stargate Dr Who and Farscape was when produced on seriously limited budgets. Focus on what is important to viewers, once you are “sucked into it” you are not caring about graphics. No fan of Star Wars and recent Star Trek, seems they are too interested to great graphics and endless fight scenes. Star Trek seems too interested in producing blockbusters like Star Wars full of great look fight scenes and forgotten why we watched it and how it became popular in the first place. The Star Trek I lved is dead.



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