NEWS – Former Ghostbusters Cosplay Group Leader Charged with Child Solicitation

LINCOLNTON, NC – Former ‘Carolina Ghostbusters’ fan group leader, and prominent southeastern regional cosplayer and entertainer Michael ‘Doc’ Robert Geressy has been charged with soliciting children for sex, according to the Lincoln County Police Department.

mug shot (courtesy of Lincolnton Police Department)

Police arrested Geressy on Friday, June 10, for soliciting a child for sex act by a computer and appearing, following a sting operation wherein police posed as a 14-year-old girl on social media. After the two allegedy discussed meeting to engage in sexual activity, Geressy was arrested upon arrival at the undisclosed location near Charlotte, NC.

Police say they discovered Geressy dressed in a “Men in Black” cosplay (including a black suit, black tie, and black sunglasses) and driving a 1987 Ford Crown Victoria, the exact replica of the car used in the “Men in Black” movie franchise, that had been modified to match the gadgets used in the films.

Geressy (pictured on the right) during a convention appearance in 2005 (fair use/public domain)

Geressy was well known among the southeastern convention circuit, where he frequently appearaed as a guest at countless conventions, mostly throughout North and South Carolina alongside his exact-scale replica of the Ecto-1 car used in the “Ghostbusters” films as the leader of the now-defunct Carolina Ghostbusters cosplay fan group. He was also a local children’s entertainer and teacher at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Charlotte.

Many regional cosplay/fan groups and conventions have expressed shock, disgust, and disbelief over the news of these allegations. John Arledge chapter president of the South Carolina Ghostbusters said in an official statement: “we want everyone to know that he never was, and never will be a member of our group. We do not take things like this lightly.”  Jada Diaz con chair of Charlotte convention ConCarolinas said in a personal statement when asked for comment: “I’m very shocked and saddened to hear this news. It’s been over a year since I’ve had contact with Doc. I’m a firm believer in the Justice System and will reserve further comment until the case is tried.”  Michael Soler con chair of Greenville, SC convention Big Fandom Greenville said in an official statement when asked for comment: “It sickens me that there are people like this in the world, even more so that they might be associated with the fandoms that I hold so dear to my heart.  Rare though they may be, it is because of people like him that we at Big Fandom Greenville will continuously keep a vigilant eye out for those that may do harm. It will therefore always be our highest priority to maintain the safety of our attendees and ensure they are able to have fun and enjoy themselves in a secure environment.”

Michael Geressy Ghostbusters picture_1465927921135_4848341_ver1.0_640_360
Geressy and the ECTO-1 replica car (fair use/public domain)

Many others have expressed outrage and anger, with one individual who wished to remain anonymous going as far as to declare that “retaliation” would be taken, “should he ever show his face at any convention around here, ever again.”  This does not seem to be a concern, however, as thus far, Geressy has been officially banned from no less than five area conventions, including the two mentioned above, and is expected to be officially banned from many more in the coming weeks.

Geressy was released from Lincoln County Jail after posting a $75,000 bond, however investigators are still looking into Geressy’s background to determine if he will face more charges, according to police. At this time, no other information is available. Stay tuned to Nerd Nation for continued coverage as this story develops.

UPDATE #1 (06/14/16) – Geressy’s first appearance in the Lincoln County (NC) District Court has now been scheduled. His next court date was set for July 14, 2016.


-Nerd Nation Staff


  1. :[ hate that this stuff happens to our community. The fact that he may have used our cherished events to prey on children makes me so pissed. Hope he stays far away from any con I am at because I will make sure he gets kicked out.

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  2. I Am very saddened that this happened within one of my favorite fandoms, namely “Ghostbusters”, as I Am also a Ghostbuster Cosplayer in Canada and this affects us all as Cosplayers. We should all condemn this low life’s actions…….but sadly this also can happen in any Fandom, may it be with Trekkies, Star Wars Fans all the way up to Harry Potter Cosplayers and Fans. Being a Fan or Cosplayer should be done as a fun way to show ur a Fan of something and to show respect to others and not used as a way to corral Kids into Sex. I hope this guy gets banned from every Con, from the local ones to big ones like San Diego Comic Con!!!

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