NEWS – ‘Star Trek: Outlaws’ Fan Film Series Releases Second Episode

Dominion Media, the production company/studio of independent filmmaker David R. Wrenn has released the second episode of their “Star Trek: Outlaws” fan film series, available right now for FREE viewing on YouTube at:


This marks the third Star Trek-inspired fan film from Wrenn, who in addition to the first episode of Star Trek: Outlaws, previously released the “Dreadnought Dominion” fan film earlier this year. Based on Star Trek: The Original Series, the fan film series Star Trek: Outlaws tells the story of a rogue crew, completely unaffiliated from Starfleet, piloting a Federation Starship.

For more information on Star Trek: Outlaws, and many other projects from Dominion Media, check out their official website at:


-Dave Harlequin
Editor: Nerd Nation Magazine


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