The Negative Space (w/ Dave Ward) – issue #13: Censorship Sucks!

Greetings Fellow Nerds! 
Tis the month of All Hallows!  Our Dec. 25th, because screw yuppies!

In this magical time of year of spooks, goblins, ghosts, and all the horror movie reruns you can handle,  I have been seeing a lot of  controversy coming from the overly sensitive babies of the great herd ranging from Batman covers, to the new Muppet Show, to the editing of cartoons because of content, and everything in-between.  This has ultimately led to the great debate of censorship, what is deemed “appropriate” for the masses to view, and what should be given the axe and attempted to be buried away for no one to see.  Great artists and writers throughout the ages have had to deal with this ugly demon of society, some with success, and others driven away forever.


So let me just say, as loudly and as publicly as I can…

Simply put, if YOU can’t handle a piece of art someone created, a work of literature, a scientific idea, an aptly named convention, or anything else that may get your collective underwear in a bunch; I’ve got some words of advice for you: GET OVER YOURSELVES!  It’s absolutely appalling and insulting that anyone in the world would give a damn about what you personally find offensive or what you think should be displayed to the public.


Well, groups of you anyway..  like One Million Moms, the PMRC, the AFA, and the vast majority of those other “social justice” (with the glaring exception of South Park‘s “PC Bros” because those guys rule!) and thought police groups. Let me say, straight from the heart… screw ALL of you!  Go hide back in your little holes, censor your little families from what you consider the dangers of the outside world, and leave us smart enough to know that if we find something offensive, or something we just flat out don’t like for whatever reason, then chances are we’ll look in another direction for something we do like, and it really is that simple.  Just because YOU don’t like it, doesn’t mean others might not find some sort of epiphany or draw inspiration, or calm from what they see/hear/read… or just simply find it funny. You aren’t the ultimate authority, nor are you very high on any sort of moral pedestal yourselves, nor do you have any right to tell any of us what we should be subjected to. So go away, stop whining when you see something you don’t like, and leave the world alone… or at the very least just stay on Tumblr, or whatever churchy, preachy chat room/message board you frequent.

After all, the irony isn’t lost on me that I’m telling you types to shut up while simultaneously ranting about censorship, and ultimately bitching about bitching. Then again, I’m also not trying to ban things and take away anything I don’t like. And yes, these are just my own opinions, based on my own feelings, so I’ll now take the first step in shutting up about it.
This is Dave Ward, and you have just warped through the Negative Space.


-Dave Ward
First Ambassador: Federation Starship Nerd Nation, Curmudgeon Class.


Please Note: the views and opinions expressed by Mr. Ward are entirely his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Nerd Nation Magazine, our sponsors, or anyone else, for that matter. This is an opinion column, and is intended for entertainment purposes only, so please don’t be a d-bag and try to sue anyone over the stuff he writes. If it offends and/or infuriates, we encourage you to simply go read something else… preferably right here at Nerd Nation!


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  1. Agree with everything you said. The problem with people is they cannot accept the fact that some people do like things that are violent, sexual, etc. BECAUSE THAT’S THE WAY IT IS! They act so innocent but really, they have a lot of enigma in them. Those people who can’t stand reality are pussies. Hehe. So why won’t they just respect what interests them? Then just shut up.



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