So, just to do something a little different here, let’s start this particular review with a question.
What do you get when you take some “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and toss in a little of the early 90s “Beauty and the Beast” TV show? Why, “The Life and Death of Lily Drake”, of course! While reading this review, keep in mind that I may or may not know (or okay, be) someone who happens to have all the episodes of both series practically memorized…

Life & Death of Lily Drake Final

While perhaps not exactly my style, “The Life and Death of Lily Drake” (ISBN: 0985148381) is very decently written (albeit a bit simplistic) and very, VERY well edited. Unlike most current novels I’ve read, it’s extremely rare to find a typo or grammatical error in this book. Why is this important? Well, because you don’t have that distracting you from the story and characters, which is a very welcome relief these days.

The story… truth be told, it’s quite predictable. But since it’s basically a supernatural romance novel, that’s just fine. It gives some cute twists and “awwwwws,” but not enough to make you wonder how the heck will they make this fit. It all starts with a case of mistaken identity, followed by some ancient society-style intrigue, and then the usual “I love him, but it can’t last because…” thrashing about. Next, we have the intricate family issues, and of course a love triangle. I mean square. Yep, she gets a lot of, uh, interest. Like I said, the book’s well written, but it’s still pretty much just a supernatural romance novel.

Overall, “The Life and Death of Lily Drake” was an okay read, and ended like the start of a series probably should. There are several interesting characters and lots of places it can go. Assuming the writing gets a bit more sophisticated along with the stories, it could be an interesting ride. I look forward to seeing where she takes this series, and will definitely be checking out her next release. While certainly not perfect, and certainly not for everyone, this was a very good first effort, and will definitely appeal to the “Sookie Stackhouse/Trashy Vampire Romance” crowd.

T. Michelle Nelson’s next novel in the “Lily Drake” series, is also out now. So feel free to check them all out if you like this first one. For more info on T. Michelle Nelson, and the “Lily Drake” series, please visit her official website at:

The Bottom Line:
Fantastic editing, simple-yet-fine story. It’s “True Blood” for the lonely, single mom. – 6.0/10

– Antigone Klima
Nerd Nation Magazine


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