It’s no big secret… Jurassic World is currently gobbling up the box offices worldwide. Shattering attendance records, raising the bar on summer blockbusters, and it seems everyone can’t stop talking about it. But how does the movie itself stack up?  Read on to find out!


Considering the “Jurassic” franchise is about as common knowledge as movies get, there’s no real point in explaining the premise. You already know what these movies are about, and if by some miracle you don’t, and have been living under a rock (welcome to the surface world, by the way) just understand that there’s dinosaurs, action, adventure, and of course epic-level disaster. Oh, just Google it.

As is typical, we have a slow start. It quickly warms up, though. We go from this not-so-happy family parting as two young boys leave their fighting parents for the theme park Jurassic World to spend a week with their aunt, who works there. The teenage boy is all about girls and is going through the moody teenage stage of his life. The younger is a boy-genius who has figured out a less than happy thing about why he and his brother were shuffled off to see their aunt for a week.


On to the park, itself. It boasts, if I remember correctly, 17 species of dinosaurs, most of which are herbivores, six are carnivores. There’s a petting zoo where you can feed the herbivores and ride the baby triceratops. Cute, right? There’s a monorail and a gyro-sphere that allows you to ride among some of the gentler dinos.

We learn that John Hammond has passed and has left the control of the park in the hands of an altruistic Indian man. His main concern is the safe operation of the park, not the creation of new and improved dinosaurs. Though, later, we discover that he sent out a memo for the creation of “cooler” dinosaurs. This leads to the crux of the story.

He asked, they created. The geneticists create Indominous Rex. You don’t even want to know what went into this horrible beast. Larger and teethier than her predecessor, she is also smarter and hunts for pleasure.

Jurassic WorldBring in a motorcycle-riding Chris Pratt and his trained velociraptors and the chase is on. The two boys predictably get into trouble and Pratt must save them. Add in some laughs with their aunt trying to aid in their safe return and we have a decent story line.

Hold on, though. Vincent D’Onofrio in his typical movie bad guy role, and we have a fight for control of the velociraptors and the Indominous Rex. Who will win?

JWSuperBowlTrailer-Raptors1Ha! As if I’d tell. Go see it. Seriously. The F/X alone are worth seeing it!

The Bottom Line:
It’s pretty much exactly what everyone’s saying. Phenomenal F/X, top-notch cast, a simple-yet-entertaining plot, and of course DINOSAURS! It’s just good old-fashioned summer blockbuster fun, no more, no less. Worth the hype. – 9/10

-H. Collins
Staff Writer: Nerd Nation Magazine


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  1. I agree! This was a really fun summer movie. I went into it totally worried that it would be JP 4, following in the shallow footsteps of the first movie’s “sequels” but I found something that was truly the proper sequel to the original work. It left me with a really good feeling when I left the theater. Great movie. 🙂



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