NEWS – Sun & Moon Studios Announce “Ravenwatch” Comic/Video Hybrid Series

Sun & Moon Studios have officially announced their upcoming “Ravenwatch” project. The “new media” venture will be a series of comic books with digitally-interactive capabilities – including live-action video scenes in certain panels and old-time-style radio show scenes in others, to create something truly unique. The titular ‘Raven’ will mark the first ever superhero/vigilante in comics history to hail from Charlotte, NC – the city Sun & Moon Studios, as well as nearly all involved in this new series calls home. Among those working on the new series will be Nerd Nation Editor: Dave Harlequin, who will be serving as script consultant/story editor, as well as providing the likeness/voice of one of the villains in the interactive digital media portions.

Sun & Moon Studios have issued the following press release images, including original concept art for the first issue, currently in development. Check it out below!




Thus far, no official release date has been announced. For more information as it becomes available please visit Sun & Moon Studios Official Facebook (official website currently under construction). Special thanks to JC and Carolyn Kingsley of Sun & Moon Studios for contributing the information/images to this article.

(Please Note: with Nerd Nation being involved in the creation of this project, as well as Sun & Moon Studios being a sponsor of Nerd Nation, no reviews of the upcoming series will be published via this outlet, in the interest of fairness/maintaining journalistic integrity.)


  1. Ed. Note:

    Reviews will be through other outlets, but NEWS and INFORMATION on the series as it’s released will be contained here and on Joncast in the future! So, stay tuned!



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