Renowned Atlanta-based horror/sci-fi author J.H. Glaze returns with his latest novella: “Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls” out now via MostCool Media (ISBN #: 978-0983906988).


As the title would suggest, “Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls” is anything but a ‘super-serious’ tale; harkening back to the classic b-movie-esque sci-fi/horror one might encounter on a old late, late, late show or rotting away on a video store shelf with other bizarre VHS offerings, while moving the sub-genre forward into the 21st century… and of course, in book form!

The story begins when Billy Joe Jackson, an average-joe truck driver, who had just picked up a shipment of various adult novelty items, stops in at Fort Rogers U.S. Army base (which one could assume is inspired by Fort Benning’s own Camp Rogers in the author’s home state of Georgia) where after signing an unusual amount of forms is loaded down with a top-secret shipment of some sort of experimental chemical. After a traffic accident on a dark country road, the mysterious chemical leaks out, and after coming in contact with the various novelty items, somehow inflates – and of course, animates – the entire shipment of kinky blow-up dolls, transforming the harmless (if a bit tasteless) sex toys into walking, goo-spewing, bloodthirsty monsters.

Meanwhile, in nearby Kensington, a small, sleepy town somewhere in rural America, a young girl named Lana and her boyfriend Tucker witness the accident, and the creepy, monstrous things that emerged from the wreckage, which after spewing the strange chemical goo on the unsuspecting truck driver, causes him to literally explode. Fleeing for their lives, they enlist the help of Lana’s father, the local Sheriff, and after many more reports of the bizarre attacks come pouring in, it’s undeniable that the town of Kensington is now under attack by these chemically-animated inflatable love dolls. Left with a choice of calling in the Army or defending their town themselves, will the people of Kensington survive the night? Will these horrific creatures be stopped? And will the Army come in to save the day or just nuke the entire town and kill everyone? If this is all sounding like a really cheesy sci-fi/horror flick on late night TV (as I mentioned earlier), then you’re definitely getting the idea.

Overall, “Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls” simply is what it is. A campy, cheesy, schlocky, raunchy re-imagining of the classic ‘invasion/attack’ horror/sci-fi tale that never once takes itself too seriously, but also doesn’t skimp out on the suspense, action, or general creepiness. At 125 pages, it’s a simple, easy, and most of all fun read. One that horror/sci-fi fans (especially those into old school schlock cinema) will undoubtedly enjoy, and pretty much everyone else will not.

The Bottom Line:
J.H. Glaze flawlessly blends horror with humor, channels the classic sci-fi ‘schlock cinema’ feel perfectly, and delivers exactly what the title suggests in “Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls”. Certainly not for the faint of heart, or serious of temperament, but definitely a fun read that horror/sci-fi fans will love! – 8.0/10

-Dave Harlequin
Editor: Nerd Nation Magazine


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