Jade Woodruff’s “Life on Anime” – issue #11: YOUR LIE IN APRIL (REVIEW)

Welcome to another edition of Jade Woodruff’s “Life on Anime” where this time we’ll be taking on Your Lie in April (Kimi no Uso) — Your Lie in April is a 22-episode slice-of-life drama series based on the manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa. A-1 pictures adapted the anime in October 2014. It’s currently available on Crunchyroll.

aorl6kznomkl4ftd0bbuHere’s the premise:

Arima Kousei was a child prodigy, sometimes referred to as the human metronome. Since the death of his mother who was also his tutor, Arima has been unable to hear the sound of the piano. As time passes, he pushes the trauma far down into his heart and attempts to live without music – until he meets Kaori, a lively violinist who marches to the beat of her own drum, and his world fills with color.


Every now and then, something special comes along. And, sometimes, that special something just bashes in the door and comes barging into your life completely uninvited, without taking off its shoes.

Your Lie in April is one of those rare, special things.

It’s delicate and sincere, teetering between happiness and despair, longing and regret. Its uniqueness and charm are heartwarming. It’s nurturing and cold. Your Lie in April gives hope where there is none. It gives shape and form to color and emotion. It’s beautiful and destructive. It’s peaceful and bitter. It reminds us that life is a fleeting moment. You can’t hold onto it; it isn’t tangible. It’s full of pain, but also full of light. There’s a world we can choose to live in where we are blinded by facts, moving with the deliberate and slow pace that fate has laid out before us. Or, we can struggle. In the struggle, we might find something special, something worth risking it all for. Though it may never change outcome, it changes the journey. It brightens the world of those around us. It brightens all of our stories, enriches them. It makes our world colorful and beautiful, even in the darkness.

The Bottom Line:

Your Lie in April isn’t just a story about teenagers playing music. It’s a story about people struggling in their youth, in the twilight. Definitely, definitely worth checking out! — Absolutely Amazing: 10/10


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