“Life on Anime” issue #6: 2014 FALL SEASON PREVIEW

Greetings and welcome to issue #6 of Jade Woodruff’s “Life on Anime” – this time around we have a very special feature for you! – An exciting fall 2014 anime season is here! Aside from watching the continuations of Sailor Moon and a few others, here’s my watch list and predictions for the 2014 Fall Anime Season.



I’ve picked out a few comedies this season including the much anticipated Amagi Brilliant Park which is Shoji Gatoh’s latest and greatest. He created Full Metal Panic, a psychological school romance mecha comedy that spawned what I consider one of the greatest anime comedies of all time: Full Metal Panic Fumoffu. Amagi is another one of his slapstick comedy endeavors and I’m really looking forward to it! Maybe now I’ll be able to give my Fumoffu DVDs a break.

There are a few other titles on my must see list including Garo which features the director of Code Geass, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso which should be full of feels, and Sanzoku no Musume Ronja, a Miyazaki production which will probably be difficult to watch State-Side given Disney’s licensing policies.





I will definitely be watching the highly anticipated and mouth watering Log Horizon Season 2. If you haven’t seen Log Horizon Season 1 yet, watch it on Crunchyroll over the upcoming weekend so you can check out Season 2 when it hits. Spoilers are bound to be rampant on the internet, so keep your blinders on! I’m looking forward to more character development for Akatsuki and, of course, more plot and awesome MMO-based fighting scenes with tons of magic, hand-to-hand combat, and pretty animation. Studio Deen will be animating the new season. Let’s hope Season 2 can hold up to the hype.

I’m not current with Psycho-Pass, Fate/Stay Unlimited, or Mushishi but those titles are also very popular and thousands will be watching them on live streams this fall. Fate/Stay is promising more depth to Shiro’s past and will feature Rin as the lead female. Get ready for the cosplays!

Other sequels include a Season 2 for Yowa-Peda, the shonen anime about competitive biking and Hitsugi no Chaika, the anime about a coffin girl who has tons of clones, from what I recall. Magic Kaito 1412 could interest some viewers. It’s by the creator of Detective Conan and is building on the existing Kaito franchise.


Depending on your interests, there are a number of promising titles for specific genres, but might not appeal to everyone.

  • Akatsuki no Yona: Reverse harem, historical, action. Very reminiscent of Fushigi Yugi.
  • Cross Ange: Distopia with outcasts who can power mecha.
  • Grisaia no Kajitsu: Harem with some darker undertones. Reminiscent of Myself; Yourself.
  • Gundam: G no Reconjuista: Mecha/Action. No relation to G-Gundam.
  • Inou-Battle wa: School Life, Harem, Action. Feels like Chinibyo with more harem.
  • Kiseijuu: Aliens, Horror, Sci-Fi. Reminds me of They Live, but very serious.
  • Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji: Shoujo Could be good if it resolves the love theme.
  • Orenichi no Furo Jijou: Merman. Bathtub. ‘Nuf said.
  • Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis: Looks epic. Has nothing to do with SNK/AOT.
  • Terra Formars: For the Sci-Fi/Action fans.
  • Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Moe on top of moe on top of moe. Cute critters too.


There are a host of questionable anime. Leaving the children’s shows aside… here are some of the titles that may become great or could be some of the worst shows ever made. Others could be very average given that they have similar premises to other very popular shows but will probably fall short in comparison.

  • Daitoshokan no Hisujikai: Library harem, girl can grant wishes.
  • Donten ni Warau: Historical? It’s about men who transport criminals to a “water prison”. According to the descriptions, they might be “doing more” with the criminals. Looks like an all male cast, so I’m thinking this could be yaoi?
  • Girlfriend: Based on the dating sim. Didn’t seem particularly exciting.
  • Gugure! Kokkuri-san: Dog spirit takes care of a girl. Antics ensue.
  • Madan no Ou to Vanadis: Epic, Action, European-themed, Ecchi Harem.
  • Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu: Boy wants to have pig tails. Girl grants wish. He transforms into a Twintail Crusader of some sort and fights bad guys. Just no.
  • Trinity Seven: Magic School Harem. Maybe there’s something darker and fantastic to this?
  • Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete:   Harem that might have darker undertones.
  • World Trigger: Reminiscent of Devil Survivor 2 but it’s hard to form an opinion because no preview shows any of the animation – just incoherent 3D animated panels of the manga.


  • Amagi Brilliant Park will live up to expectations but won’t be the funniest show this season.
  • Denki-Gai, Danna-ga, and Shiro Bako will have mass appeal and either blow up or be loathed.
  • Garo should be the biggest hit of the season, given the studio, personnel, and franchise but it could be a little too epic and fail to live up to the name.
  • Sanzoku no Musume Ronja will become an instant classic.
  • Sleepers: Orenichi no Furo Jijou and Inou-Battle wa
  • Unexpectedly Good: Trinity Seven and Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete
  • Best Slice-of-Life: ShiroBako
  • Worst Rated Show: Terra Formars
  • Best Comedy: Denki-Gai no Honya-san (but I hope I’m wrong and Amagi pulls through)
  • Most Popular Show: Log Horizon Season 2 and the much anticipated Fate/Stay: Unlimited


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  1. It preys on your mind, giving you much to think about as it twists and turns its way down dark Victorian paths. It captures your heart. And, yes, it occasionally turns your stomach.



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